About us

We are Time Travelers, VR Experts,
Virtual Dreamers and Team Players

Ofir is an avid VR user with over 10 years of experience in team leadership roles including board positions in several organizations and leading tech-startups. Ofir has 6 years of experience from Rafael – Advanced Defense Systems (the foremost defense industry in Israel). Ofir is business-savvy, an experienced and talented presenter and a highly determined individual.

B.Sc. in applied mathematics and minor in computer science, OBC of Engineering
Nadav has over 8 years of experience in lead engineering roles, pushing the boundaries of innovation at Intel, where he led the VR innovation team, developing renowned products such as Project Alloy and Intel RealSense. Over and above Nadav’s unrivaled domain expertise, he is an experienced and effective manager and leader and has a uniquely creative mind.

B.Sc. in electrical engineering, Technion. Computer Vision and Deep Learning, M.Sc. program for electrical engineering, Tel-Aviv University.

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