The Mobile VR Market is Rapidly Growing

VR Ready Devices

2014: None   |   2017: 6 Brands   |   2020: Top 20 Brands

VR Content Creation

2014: 0.2M   |   2017: 5M    |   2020: ~400M

Mobile VR Users

2014: 0.1M   |   2017: 60M   |   2020: 200M

A 'VR-focused' Search Experience

Mobile users struggle to find VR content of all types

At galigu, we’re developing an easy-to-use search platform
covering all VR content types

Our technology enables mobile users to explore the VR world seamlessly
Users can find desired VR content Headset “Always On”

Accelerating Virtuality

Raised funding
Top-notch team of VR experts,
designers, and strategy pioneers
Alumni of the
IoT&Data Accelerator
1.5M+ pieces of VR
content mapped
Awarded "Top 10
Disruptive Companies"

by Disruptor Daily
Engagement MVP

Introduction to galigu